August 14, 2015
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Although traditional CCTV inspection is a great option for sewer investigation, it isn't the only option available.  Flow metering is rapidly expanding with a broad market appeal due to its ability to "observe" flow conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Recently Mr. Rehab has increased  its flow metering and monitoring capabilities with the purchase of Hach's newest generation of  FL900 Series flow loggers as well as additional data recording rain gauges.  Coupled with an area/velocity sensor probe or a non contact radar module,  we are able to accumulate large and accurate sums of data for our clients, including detailed graphs, daily and weekly summary reports, and excel spreadsheets that outline the  raw and on site data readings.


Data Logger


Recently we have partnered with several engineering firms to form a complete professional service team offering municipalities a turnkey package for their Inflow & Infiltration (I/I) evaluation needs.  In addition to collecting the usual pipe flow depth, velocity, and volume measurements, we were also tasked with recording flow during active surcharge events as well as charting accumulative rainfall during the established monitoring periods.


We anticipate this burgeoning investigative service using flow metering will continue to expand as more municipalities adopt a pro-active invested interest in their infrastructure.  Mr. Rehab will continue using the newest technologies available to accommodate such plans and developments as we move into the future.


Data Logger 2


Data Logger 3