Pipelining & Rehabilitation

Mr. Rehab Inc. offers variety of structural rehabilitation options including cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining for mainlines and lateral sewers. Trenchless CIPP lining of sewers offers significant advantages over excavation and replacement including the following:

  • CIPP allows for rehabilitation of pipes without disturbance to surface or other utilities.
  • CIPP produces a seamless, jointless pipelining without greatly reducing the diameter of the original pipe.
  • The smooth interior of the liner reduces friction and actually increases flow capacity.
  • Service connections are remotely reestablished without digging.
  • The finished product has a 50 year design life, the same as that of a brand new pipe.

The unique CIPP inversion process along with hot air or water curing is the "standard in the industry" with over 100,000,000 feet of liner in the ground worldwide since 1971.

In addition to using only the highest quality "tried and true" products and processes, the key to success always comes down to the experience and technical competence of the installer. A wealth of technical knowledge and experience is exactly what you get with Mr. Rehab.

Don't be fooled by the "latest fad" technologies such as pulled-in-place UV cure. Hot air and water cured inversion type liner is proven technology that offers the highest quality, consistency, and longevity of any other CIPP product.

Whether you are in need of complete mainlining,lining of lateral sewers, or short liners for localized point repairs; Mr. Rehab offers a rehabilitation technique that fits the job, rather than structuring the job to fit a limited number of techniques.