Cleaning & Maintenance

Mr. Rehab, Inc. has the experience and competence necessary to execute a wide range of sewer cleaning and maintenance projects including:

  • Sewer and Wet-well Cleaning
  • Force Main Cleaning and "Pigging"
  • Remote Cleaning Operations

We have equipment for cleaning sewers and pipelines for routine maintenance and in preparation for investigations and repair. Our hydraulic cleaning units are capable of dislodging and flushing materials from sewers using high velocity water jets. Materials can be removed from associated manholes using accompanying vacuum equipment.

We also have high pressure water blasting and other specialized tooling for removing hardened deposits form interior pipe walls. Our combination cleaning vacuum equipment is also widely used for bulk-cleaning projects such as large diameter storm sewers and catch basin inlets.

Mr. Rehab, Inc. is a licensed hauler of municipal and residual waste throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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