Trenchless rehabilitation for sewers & manholes with leaky joints & small cracks

For sewers with leaky joints, leaking laterals, and small cracks, grouting remains the most effective and economical means of trenchless rehabilitation today.

Although chemical grouting is not a structural repair, it’s an effective water-stop and is particularly suitable for pre-cast manholes and sewer pipes that have leaky joints and/or pipe penetrations.

Mainline & Lateral Grouting

Since our start, Mr. Rehab has been providing grouting services for a multitude of clients within pipe sizes ranging from 4 to 48 inches in diameter. With our specialized equipment, we can cost effectively seal leaking mainline joints, lateral connections, and manholes.

Manhole Grout Injection

Sealing manholes via chemical grout injection involves drilling holes in the general area of leakage and then injecting grout to form a watertight barrier in the soil behind the manhole wall. The drill holes are then plugged with cementitious compounds.

Although chemical grouting is not a structural repair, it’s an effective method of sealing pre-cast manholes that have leaking barrel joints or pipe penetrations.

Manhole Lining & Waterproofing

Mr. Rehab offers a host of manhole lining and waterproofing options, from spray­ applied micro-silica mortars to high performance epoxy-based resins.

Offering a wide range of lining options provides the ideal solutions to specific needs. This provides our customers the highest quality results for the least expense – in other words, the best value!

Manhole Frames & Risers

To properly maintain the top parts of manholes and access structures, we offer riser sealants that are specifically designed to seal the adjustment ring and frame area. Such products can withstand freeze/thaw stress that is common within this part of the manhole.

Are your frames worn out or too low from street elevation? No problem! We can also replace frames and covers and install new risers when required.

Industrial Coatings

For other system structures such as tanks, troughs, and containment areas, Mr. Rehab has the resources to restore and protect them for years to come.

We have the knowledge and experience to select the proper coatings and techniques that match the specific application needs including proper strength and corrosion resistance.

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