As the pipes within your system age and the ground around them settles and moves, there are many factors that can damage and decay your system. Tree roots and other natural (and un-natural) factors can also damage pipes. The traditional solution to this problem has been to dig up the pipe and the surrounding pavement, landscaping, and other impediments in the way and replace or repair the damaged pipe.

As technology has evolved we have found a better way. Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining allows us to repair damaged pipes without any excavation in many cases and substantially less excavation in many other cases. There are times when traditional excavation is required; but with today’s sewer technology, trenchless is almost always the preferred option.

Lining your pipes is a cost-effective way to repair the damage, without the costs and disturbances of excavation. We can enter the sewer system through existing ports of egress and complete most work from above the ground. By combining a specially designed fabric liner, the right mixture of chemical ingredients, the right temperature water, and the right amount of air pressure, the fabric liner hardens to a solid pipe. It forms itself to the existing pipe while filling holes and sealing gaps and cracks.

The end result is a pipe that is as strong the original.