Company announces acquisitions of businesses focused on water and wastewater infrastructure

Mr. Rehab becomes a founding partner of Infrastructure Services Group LLC 

[ASHEVILLE N.C. – March 2018]: Infrastructure Services Group LLC, a North Carolina-based company that uses the most up-to-date technology to inspect and repair part of the 1.6 million miles of underground water and wastewater pipelines and associated manholes in the U.S., announces the acquisition of companies in Pennsylvania and Vermont with combined revenues of more than $32 million.

Mr. Rehab, located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and Green Mountain Pipeline Services, with its main office in Bethel, Vermont, offer state-of-the art trenchless cleaning, maintenance, and repair or rehabilitation of water and wastewater pipelines, both gravity and pressure fed, and their related structures, such as manholes. The companies serve municipalities and industry using trenchless technologies that lessen more disruptive and expensive “dig and replace” techniques.

The business thesis for Infrastructure Services Group strongly embraces the relationship between climate, weather and water says ISG founder Thomas R. (Tom) Barr, whose career solving problems in water and wastewater management and water-related laboratory testing spans more than three decades. He views the significant water infrastructure pipeline challenges in a holistic way, beyond just inspection and repair.

“Every two minutes a water main breaks in the United States, with more than two trillion gallons of treated water lost every year,” Barr said. “Over the past several decades, extreme weather exacerbated by climate change, changing demographics, and decaying infrastructure have contributed to major pipeline challenges.”

Barr says water and wastewater systems will need as much as half a trillion dollars over the next 25 years – of that, as much as $300 billion in the next five years alone just to maintain the current systems.

“Perhaps because it is underground and out of sight, it’s easy to let water and wastewater infrastructure deteriorate significantly so the challenge will be with us for decades to come,” said Barr. “Such systems require continuous inspection and maintenance, as well as major relining.”

ISG was formed by Barr, a veteran in growing successful companies, and acquired in a partnership led by Juniper Capital Management, a Dallas-based private equity firm whose focus includes investing in growth opportunities in the infrastructure, manufacturing and industrial service industries.

The acquisitions of Mr. Rehab and Green Mountain Pipeline Services make ISG the largest for-profit company with its corporate headquarters at The Collider, a global innovation center for climate entrepreneurs located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Nicknamed “Climate City,” Asheville is also home to NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, the largest repository of weather and climate data in the world.

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Kathi Petersen