Mr. Rehab Introduces New Mainline &  Lateral CCTV and Cutter Unit

Mr. Rehab has purchased a 2020 Chevrolet 5500 18′ box truck that will update our fleet with the latest in televising and lateral reinstatement technology.  The truck will be Mr. Rehab’s “Triple Threat” and is capable of lateral and mainline televising as well as using the ARIES Wolverine 2.0 cutting unit to reinstate laterals as we expand our lining crews.   We are also excited to announce that we will be using WinCan VX software for the televising program in the vehicle.

We purchased the truck from Turner Chevrolet (Harrisburg, PA) and had the box built and installed by Supreme Corporation (Harrisburg, PA).  The internal components were handpicked with both input from the field and shop technicians.   From the specifications and ideas that are provided, we work directly with ARIES (Waukesha, WI) and contribute to the design and layout of the equipment.  Aries builds the unit complete at their main facility in Wisconsin.  We have added storage space for auxiliary items and installed a “butcher block” on top of the reel, which allows for an expanded workspace and added protection for the reel.

The Wolverine 2.0 is a unique piece of cutting technology that is self-propelled and uses an electric cutting motor, so it does not require an air compressor like other cutters.  It has a rear facing camera and self-cleaning front lens.   It can operate in lines ranging from 6” to 21” pulling from a 500-foot reel.  There are also adapters for all our different bits.  The Wolverine is commanded using a desktop controller that is fully integrated into the truck.  In adding this truck and its state-of-the-art technologies to our fleet, Mr. Rehab is furthering its place as a leader in sewer inspection & rehabilitation services for our customers and end users alike.