Site Visit: Millersburg

We are featuring Mr. Rehab’s mainline and lateral grout crew with this month’s site visit.  Crew Lead Jason Tressler and his assistant Nate Terry were in Millersburg, PA to perform lateral grouting maintenance after installation of CIPP lining.  The laterals in lined pipe typically require grout sealing due to the potential for infiltration at the annular space within the connection’s mainline opening.  The grout is injected to seal the annular space preventing groundwater from infiltrating.


Mr. Rehab uses a specialized lateral packer that expands and isolates the house connection at the main.  An air tight seal is created and a two part chemical grout is subsequently pumped into the annular space that sets as a gel like sealant.  A final air test is then performed to confirm that a proper seal is achieved and the connection is complete. From there it’s on to the next one and so on.